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Today, it can only be achieved by MA. exam as a translator and interpreter in kiev. Previously, the requirement was an exam cand.interpret. Only persons entitled to practice as a translator and interpreter, may use the term 'kiev interpreters'. Others may not use Danish or foreign names may be confused therewith. A person entitled certified translator and interpreter can make so-called certified translation, where the translator gives its guarantee of quality and consistency of the translated and the original text. For this, the translator get a special stamp from Ervhervs and Companies Agency. The term translator is normally understood as a person who translates written while with an interpreter perceives a person who translates orally.

But protected against misuse are associated with certain approvals terms such as "officially appointed and sworn translator", "certified kiev interpreters" or "sworn translator kiev", which differ depending on the (federal) land, and acquired by state tests or academic degrees Title as "certified translator", "academically certified translator", "certified translators", Master interpreters in ukraine Studies ", etc. Compliance with this standard is voluntary for both translation agencies as well as freelance About setting end. Translation service in ukraine specialize in one or more types of text of certain subjects in certain languages, such as the trade or finance, medicine or pharmacology, in a technical field or in the legal system. Technical translations make up by far the largest share of the translation market. It should be noted that a interpreter in kiev is not the better, the more subject areas and languages ​​it offers, because it is very time consuming to comply in every field of terminological and factual up to date. Among the professional translators include the document russian interpreter. These create translations of contracts or other documents. The document kiev translator have often been publicly appointed in interpreter Ukraine by a district court and sworn.

Kiev interpreter a further subgroup of specialist translators are the software localizers. For example, dates, writing direction or understanding of colors and symbols of culture region may vary to a cultural region. Will the software manufacturer entering a new market optimally, so the product must be localized. Literary translators transfer literature, eg novels, poetry or comics, but also non-fiction books or journal articles russian interpreter. Literary translations are indeed particularly strong perceived by the public, but economically play a subordinate role. Literary interpreter ukraine are subject in the same way as the original text is copyright and thus protected by copyright translator kiev. Terminologists create and maintain one or multilingual terminology databases interpreter kiev especially in large companies, government agencies and professional organizations. A terminology database contains all necessary and specific to the work of a company or government agency technical terms with definitions and other information, such as foreign language equivalents interpreter Kiev. Real russian interpreter here!


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Our service includes translation and interpretation at private and business meetings, private
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We have been working in the filed of interpreting and translating for 6 years. We offer certified C1, C2 level interpreters, we provide solutions wherever language creates a barrier to effective communication.

2. Interpreting Quality

We specialize on English, German, Italian, Spanish and French languages. Our interpreters give 100% of their attention to the clients, making your visit to Ukraine more comfortable, pleasant and secure.

3. Wide Choice of Languages

Interpreting from English, German, Italian, Spanish and French into Russian, Ukrainian and vice verse. No matter what your need is, our agency will strive to provide consistent, excellent service.

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We are a full service language agency that provides all forms of interpretation and translation service. We deliver quality product - translation and interpretation service. Our interpreters travel to a client’s location to provide superior interpretation in any of the above mentioned languages and dialogues.

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