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  Welcome to the first 2019 edition of Teenagers in The Times. This roundup of the news and feature stories about young people that have recently appeared across sections of NYTimes.com appears on the first Thursday of each month during the school year.

  For ideas about how to use Teenagers in The Times with your students, please see our lesson plan and special activity sheet, both of which can be used with this or any other edition.



  And the Band Played Until Someone Complained

  For decades, it was tradition at Columbia University for the marching band to storm the library the night before finals. It was a raucous joke until the administration cut the band’s funding.

  Now Kids Are Skipping School to Serenade Their Teachers

  A Massachusetts middle school group skipped school to surprise their choir director and his fiancé with a rendition of “All You Need Is Love.”

  ‘I Love My Skin!’ Why Black Parents Are Turning to Afrocentric Schools

  While New York City schools are deeply segregated, some black families are choosing an alternative to integration.

  Is the President Making Middle School Worse?

  “In Virginia, school bullying is up in regions that voted for Trump,” states this Opinion essay.

  After Report of 4 Girls Strip-Searched at School, Cuomo Calls for Inquiry

  The parents of the 12-year-olds say they were strip-searched at a middle school in Binghamton, N.Y., but the school district has disputed the account.

  50 Jesuits, Including Some From Top-Ranked N.Y. Catholic Schools, Are Named as Abusers

  In some cases, the priests listed as having a history of sexual abuse passed through the schools in careers that spanned as many as 30 years.

  Blackface Video Has Elite New York Private School in an Uproar

  Students and parents are angered at administrators at Poly Prep Country Day School for the school’s reaction to a video of two students in blackface making racist gestures.

  43 Teens, 1 Adult: Los Angeles Teachers Describe a Typical Day in a Crowded Classroom

  We asked some of the more than 30,000 teachers who went on strike last week to tell us how they teach their largest classes.

  500,000 Students Are Affected by the L.A. Teachers Strike. Most Are Latino.

  Even before the walkout, these students suffered from years of limited funding; California spends less per pupil than the national average.

  When College Rapists Graduate

  This Opinion essay states, “If they’re not held accountable at school, what’s to stop them from becoming the villain of another woman’s #MeToo story once they enter the work force?”

  Who’s to Blame for Fast Food on Campus? You

  There’s a simple reason so many colleges have chain restaurants: Students want them.

  No Tuition, but You Pay a Percentage of Your Income (if You Find a Job)

  Income Sharing Agreements are gaining the attention of higher education and Wall Street. One early success story is getting a boost from venture capital.

  Students in Rural America Ask, ‘What Is a University Without a History Major?’

  Financial and enrollment woes at schools like the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point have led to a scramble for fixes, such as dropping longstanding liberal arts degrees.

  The Hard Part of Computer Science? Getting Into Class

  Student demand for computer science courses is outstripping the supply of professors, creating a student divide of computing haves and have-nots.

  Duke University Apologizes Over Professor’s Email Asking Chinese Students to Speak English

  The university is conducting an internal review after a professor sent an email cautioning international students from speaking Chinese on campus.


  Civics, Politics, Economics and Business

  Freshman in College, Freshman in the Capitol: West Virginia’s 19-Year-Old Lawmaker

  Caleb Hanna, one of the youngest state legislators in the country, is a black man raised in a white family who represents a predominantly white district in West Virginia.

  Trump Administration to Nearly Double Size of Detention Center for Migrant Teenagers

  The federal government is closing a controversial tent city for migrant children in Texas. But officials are now moving to nearly double the capacity of a similar facility in Florida.

  Inquiry Into Migrant Shelters Poses Dilemma: What Happens to the Children?

  Federal officials face a balancing act as they investigate alleged wrongdoing at Southwest Key, the largest provider in an overburdened shelter system.

  The Other Talk

  “You are going to have to work 10 times harder.” This is how my father prepared me for being black in America.

  Fuller Picture Emerges of Viral Video of Native American Man and Catholic Students

  A convergence of racial and religious groups set the stage for the viral moment. “I stepped in between to pray,” Nathan Phillips said on Sunday.

  Viral Video Shows Boys in ‘Make America Great Again’ Hats Surrounding Native Elder

  Students from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky appeared to surround the elder, Nathan Phillips, outside the Lincoln Memorial. The high school has condemned the students’ actions.

  Never Tweet

  “The controversy over the Covington students shows why American journalism should disengage from Twitter,” argues this Opinion essay.

  Covington and the Pundit Apocalypse

  “Our hasty condemnation of these teenagers reveals the cold truth about hot takes,” states this Opinion essay.

  The Covington Scissor

  The writer of this Opinion essay states, “Welcome to another controversy algorithmically designed to tear America apart.”

  How We Destroy Lives Today

  This Opinion essay asks, “Will the Covington Catholic High School fiasco change social media?”

  ‘The Shutdown Makes Me Nervous’: Young People Caught Up in Impasse

  “Now in its fourth week, the shutdown’s effects have cascaded across generations, from children worried about their parents to college students unable to pay tuition.

  14-Year-Old Is Charged With Murder After Egg Prank and Fatal Crash

  A 14-year-old boy driving a sport utility vehicle crashed into a truck and killed a woman in Houston on Tuesday, the authorities said.

  Trump Administration to Nearly Double Size of Detention Center for Migrant Teenagers

  The federal government is closing a controversial tent city for migrant children in Texas. But officials are now moving to nearly double the capacity of a similar facility in Florida.

  Inquiry Into Migrant Shelters Poses Dilemma: What Happens to the Children?

  Federal officials face a balancing act as they investigate alleged wrongdoing at Southwest Key, the largest provider in an overburdened shelter system.

  Jayme Closs, Who Saved Herself From a Kidnapper, Will Get ,000 in Reward Money

  The 13-year-old, whose parents were killed when she was abducted, will receive the money from the food company where her parents worked for nearly three decades.

  Jayme Closs, Missing Wisconsin Girl, Is Found; Man Is Accused in Kidnapping

  Jake T. Patterson, 21, was held pending murder and kidnapping charges, the authorities said. Jayme, 13, had vanished when her parents were fatally shot in a rural Wisconsin town.

  Teenagers Emerge as a Force in Climate Protests Across Europe

  Tens of thousands of students are skipping school to take part in a growing movement.

  Saudi Teenager Who Fled Family Embraces All Things Canadian. (O.K., Maybe Not Winter.)

  Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun engineered an escape to freedom. Now she has a simpler goal: “I want to do crazy things I’ve never done before.”

  Saudi Woman Who Fled Family Granted Asylum in Canada

  Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun, 18, had rallied support from a Bangkok hotel room to avoid being deported, saying she feared that her relatives might kill her.

  She Wanted to See Her Boyfriend. She May Have Been Beheaded for It.

  Days after a 16-year-old’s mutilated body was found in a small Indian town, the police arrested her father, who they believe arranged her killing.

  Teenager Captured With ISIS Fighters Is From Trinidad, Not the U.S., Officials Say

  A 16-year-old caught on the front lines in Syria had been taken by his mother to the battle zone when he was 12, his sister and American officials said.

  American Boy, 16, Caught Fighting for ISIS in Syria, Militia Says

  The teenager, whose capture was announced by the Syrian Democratic Forces, would be the only American minor apprehended fighting on behalf of the Islamic State on the battlefield.

  ‘The Taliban Made Me Fight’: What to Do With Child Recruits After They Serve Time?

  Afghan children as young as 8 have been imprisoned after being caught preparing suicide attacks. Officials worry about what to do when they grow up.

  Israeli Teenagers Are Suspected in Deadly Stoning of a Palestinian Woman

  Five youths are being investigated for “grave terrorism offenses, including murder,” over the death of Aisha Rabi on a West Bank road.

  China Using Taped Confessions to Intimidate Young Communists, Students Say

  The authorities appear to be escalating efforts to crush a student-led campaign for workers’ rights that has evaded Beijing’s control.

  Poland Cracks Down on Escape Rooms After Deadly Fire

  Five 15-year-old girls died in a locked room after a building that lacked basic safety measures caught fire. The operator faces criminal charges.

  A Christian Youth Group Turned Me Jewish

  This Opinion essay writer states, “As a teenager, crushes were my religion. I obsessed over boys from a born-again Christian youth group like a fanatic, and I found peace in this faith.”

  My Relationship Guru Is a 14-Year-Old Girl

  “As a queer, closeted teenager, I had to learn about romance from the sidelines. A decade later, I’m still struggling to get in the game,” writes Garrett Schlichte in a Modern Love essay.


  Science, Health, Technology and Sports

  U.S. Figure Skating Championships: Alysa Liu, 13, Becomes Youngest Winner

  Liu stole the show with two triple axels and defeated the defending champion, Bradie Tennell, who fell during her free skate.

  ‘When I Skate It Just Feels Free’

  Figure Skating in Harlem helps young women of color see themselves on ice.

  At 17, Amanda Anisimova Bucks the Odds and Knocks Off a Seed

  Anisimova beat 11th-seeded Aryna Sabalenka, 6-3, 6-2, at the Australian Open to reach the second week of a Grand Slam event for the first time.

  In Texas, the Land of Football, It’s Rugby to the Rescue

  Why rugby? Because its tackling techniques emphasize use of the shoulder, which increasingly appeals to football coaches leery of concussions. Even in Texas.

  In Alabama, a Girl’s High School Hoop Dreams Are Restored

  U.S.A. Basketball sent Maori Davenport a check in error after she played for one of its national teams. Alabama officials ruled her ineligible. A judge ordered her back onto the court.

  White House Welcomes College Football Champions With Fast-Food Buffet

  A celebration of Clemson’s championship was catered by fast-food outlets like McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Domino’s, with officials blaming the government shutdown.

  Sorry, Canada: Parity Reshapes the World Junior Championship

  Canada used to own the under-20 ice hockey world championships. But in recent years, Finland and the U.S. have won the event more often than the Canadians.

  F.D.A. Accuses Juul and Altria of Backing Off Plan to Stop Youth Vaping

  Commissioner Scott Gottlieb says the terms of the new partnership between the two companies appear to undermine pledges they made to keep flavored nicotine pods off store shelves.

  Traditional Masculinity Can Hurt Boys, Say New A.P.A. Guidelines

  Men die earlier than women and commit more acts of violence. But the American Psychological Association did not have a guide for working with males, in part because they were historically considered the norm.

  Coming Out as Trans Isn’t a Teenage Fad

  This Opinion essay contends, “Conservatives are inventing a 'syndrome' to undermine young people’s transitions.”

  When to Start With a Gynecologist?

  Cervical cancer screening starts at age 21. But there are reasons to start seeing a gynecologist earlier.


  Arts, Media and Culture

  He’s 16 Going On Stardom: Meet Broadway’s Next ‘Evan Hansen’

  Andrew Barth Feldman, a high school junior on Long Island, is an ardent theater fan who has been acting since he was 8. Now he’ll be leading the cast in his favorite show.

  Is a Film About a Transgender Dancer Too ‘Dangerous’ to Watch?

  That’s what trans activists say about the Netflix drama “Girl.” But the movie’s supporters say it’s something cisgender viewers need to see.

  After the ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Documentary, #MeToo Has Finally Returned to Black Girls

  “Let’s keep it there,” say the writers of this Opinion essay, co-founders of a nonprofit that uses art to empower young people to end violence against girls and women.

  ‘Pledge’ Review: Don’t Haze Me Because I’m Different

  Three nerdy college freshmen rush a creepy, off-campus fraternity in Daniel Robbins’s tight, twisty torture movie.

  ‘The Kid Who Would Be King’ Review: Cult Director Waxes Arthurian

  Joe Cornish bestows Excalibur upon a boy who is fleeing bullies, and the legend comes alive, just when a divided country needs a hero.

  Revisiting Anne Frank’s Diary — ‘A Warm and Stirring Confession’

  In 1952, Meyer Levin reviewed “The Diary of a Young Girl” for the Book Review. Here’s an excerpt.

  Reframing Refugee Children’s Stories

  In “We Are Displaced,” the Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai gathers stories from girls around the world who, like her, have had to flee their homes.

  When the Grown-Ups Stumble, These Kids Take Matters Into Their Own Hands

  In new novels by Brenda Woods, Dan Gemeinhart, Alicia D. Williams and more, young protagonists learn the hard way that adults don’t have all the answers.

  Growing Up in New York, Just Like Holden and Francie. Only With Basketball.

  The heroine of Dana Czapnick’s debut novel, “The Falconer,” feels most at home shooting hoops at her prep school gym.

  Buffy the Vampire Slayer Returns to High School in New Comic Books

  Boom! Studios will reboot Buffy and friends with a new look at their pre-college days.

  Review: In ‘The Passage,’ the Bloodsuckers Are Vampire-Adjacent

  A new Fox series based on the best-selling novels by Justin Cronin pits a preteen girl against the vampirelike victims of biomedical experimentation.

  Spinning Into a Storm of Her Own Making

  Watch part of a solo that Bianca Berman, 14, choreographed and will perform as part of Ellen Robbins’s “Dances by Very Young Choreographers.”




  2016年九龙开奖现场报码【马】【丁】【大】【汗】,【心】【想】,【这】【能】【解】【释】【什】【么】【啊】?【你】【到】【底】【想】【到】【了】【些】【什】【么】【呢】?【简】【直】【令】【人】【毛】【发】【倒】【竖】。 “【我】【一】【直】【觉】【得】【你】【们】【队】【伍】【里】【怪】【人】【很】【多】,【你】【就】【不】【必】【提】【了】,【那】【个】【莨】【菪】【姑】【娘】,【似】【乎】【完】【全】【不】【像】【这】【个】【世】【界】【的】【人】。【你】【不】【会】【说】【她】【也】【是】【兽】【人】【出】【身】【吧】?【我】【看】【她】【像】【一】【个】【纯】【血】【的】【人】【类】,【而】【且】【能】【感】【觉】【到】【她】【生】【活】【环】【境】【优】【越】,【不】【像】【是】【在】【泥】【沼】【中】【挣】【扎】【过】【的】【那】【种】。”【风】【花】

  【走】【到】【宫】【门】【外】,【李】【初】【珺】【对】【守】【卫】【亮】【出】【腰】【牌】,【守】【卫】【接】【过】【腰】【牌】【端】【详】【再】【三】,【看】【了】【看】【李】【初】【珺】,【道】:“【请】【稍】【后】【片】【刻】。“【说】【罢】,【便】【从】【开】【了】【一】【条】【缝】【的】【宫】【门】【闪】【身】【而】【入】。 【传】【信】【人】【将】【层】【层】【消】【息】【传】【递】【而】【过】,【终】【于】【落】【到】【烈】【炎】【王】【宫】【大】【殿】【之】【外】。 “【王】【上】,【云】【起】【使】【者】【求】【见】。“【一】【个】【老】【宫】【人】【垂】【身】【而】【问】。 “【哦】?“【烈】【迟】【宏】【拓】【挑】【了】【挑】【眉】。 “【请】【他】【进】【来】

  【阿】【鲁】【将】【军】【道】:“【突】【围】【求】【援】。” 【什】【勒】【小】【王】【子】【不】【以】【为】【然】,“【若】【是】【能】【突】【围】【出】【去】,【早】【就】【杀】【出】【去】【了】。” 【阿】【鲁】【将】【军】【解】【释】【道】,“【我】【们】【分】【三】【路】【突】【围】,【每】【一】【路】100【人】。【只】【要】【三】【路】【中】【有】【一】【个】【人】【能】【杀】【出】【去】,【那】【么】【我】【们】【就】【有】【救】【了】。” 【各】【个】【将】【军】【都】【交】【换】【了】【一】【下】【眼】【色】,【感】【觉】【这】【是】【一】【个】【可】【行】【的】【办】【法】,【阿】【鲁】【将】【军】【见】【众】【人】【都】【同】【意】,【他】【接】【着】【说】【道】:


  “【师】【兄】,【你】【可】【真】【该】【想】。”【蓝】【新】【嘲】【笑】【道】。 【苍】【羽】【宫】【由】【金】【凤】【族】、【白】【凤】【族】【和】【蓝】【凤】【族】【组】【成】,【以】【金】【凤】【族】【为】【尊】,【自】【开】【祖】【以】【来】,【统】【领】【苍】【羽】【宫】【的】【一】【直】【是】【金】【凤】【族】。 【金】【凤】【族】【尊】【贵】,【统】【领】【地】【位】【是】【不】【可】【替】【代】【的】,【世】【代】【世】【袭】,【很】【看】【重】【血】【统】。 【云】【晨】【是】【白】【凤】【族】,【要】【高】【攀】,【这】【不】【是】【说】【他】【痴】【心】【妄】【想】【吗】? 【云】【晨】【脸】【一】【阵】【胀】【红】,【瞬】【了】【眼】【一】【脸】【直】【勾】【勾】【盯】【着】2016年九龙开奖现场报码【公】【司】【一】【放】【年】【假】,【顾】【知】【许】【当】【天】【就】【开】【车】【从】【杭】【州】【赶】【了】【过】【来】,【吃】【饭】【的】【时】【候】,【他】【像】【饿】【死】【鬼】【投】【胎】【似】【的】【一】【口】【气】【吃】【了】【三】【碗】【饭】。 【顾】【惜】【欢】【看】【着】【他】,【笑】【着】【说】:“【顾】【知】【许】,【你】【不】【会】【是】【几】【天】【没】【吃】【过】【饭】【了】【吧】?” 【顾】【知】【许】【抬】【头】【看】【了】【她】【一】【眼】,【点】【头】:“【对】【啊】,【外】【卖】【吃】【腻】【了】。” 【顾】【惜】【欢】【笑】【了】【笑】,【说】:“【赶】【紧】【找】【个】【对】【象】【吧】,【这】【样】【以】【后】【就】【算】【爸】【妈】【不】【在】,

  【第】【二】,【拯】【救】【你】【的】【同】【学】。【一】【旦】【你】【成】【功】【了】,【你】【就】【会】【有】【好】【名】【声】。【所】【以】【这】【一】【次】,【至】【少】【有】【几】【百】【个】【门】【徒】【参】【与】【其】【中】。” “【哦】。”【高】【凡】【点】【点】【头】【说】:“【你】【说】,【为】【什】【么】【梁】【大】【力】【想】【不】【开】【它】【呢】?【我】【们】【去】【找】【几】【百】【个】【同】【事】【救】【他】【吧】。” “【如】【果】【你】【想】【过】【一】【个】【好】【的】【生】【活】,【你】【必】【须】【强】【迫】【自】【己】。【说】【老】【实】【话】,”【高】【帆】【把】【烤】【竹】【耗】【子】【吃】【了】【个】【精】【光】,【然】【后】【说】:“【他】【才】

  【岳】【美】【美】【见】【白】【莲】【的】【眉】【毛】【开】【始】【挑】,【就】【知】【道】【眼】【前】【这】【位】【不】【是】【亲】【切】【版】【的】【教】【主】【分】【身】【了】。【她】【亲】【热】【地】【凑】【了】【上】【去】,“【师】【傅】【师】【傅】,【你】【的】【伤】【已】【经】【好】【全】【啦】?” 【哼】!【有】【她】【这】【位】【麻】【烦】【体】【在】【身】【边】,【自】【己】【这】【伤】【怕】【是】【好】【不】【了】【了】…… 【白】【莲】【想】【起】【正】【事】,【抖】【了】【抖】【眉】【梢】,“【你】【想】【不】【想】【回】【宫】【看】【看】?” 【岳】【美】【美】【啊】【了】【一】【声】,【眨】【巴】【眨】【巴】【眼】【睛】。 【最】【近】【师】【傅】【对】【自】【己】【关】

  【思】【量】【了】【很】【久】,【最】【终】【还】【是】【决】【定】【对】【收】【藏】【本】【书】【的】【书】【友】【们】【作】【一】【番】【小】【小】【的】【道】【别】。 【落】【地】【创】【作】【这】【本】【书】,【真】【的】【很】【用】【心】,【也】【很】【努】【力】,【虽】【然】【期】【间】【有】【起】【伏】,【另】【外】【呢】,【成】【绩】【也】【是】【非】【常】【不】【理】【想】。 【但】【真】【的】【没】【有】【什】【么】【遗】【憾】【了】。 【刻】【观】【来】【说】,【这】【本】【书】,【确】【实】【存】【在】【着】【许】【多】【大】【大】【小】【小】【的】【问】【题】。 【最】【开】【始】【的】【时】【候】,【落】【地】【亦】【是】【看】【不】【清】,【想】【不】【明】。 【就】【像】

  【在】【这】【辈】【子】【刚】【刚】【得】【知】【香】【菱】【喜】【欢】【上】【佐】【助】【的】【时】【候】,【仅】【仅】【只】【是】【感】【慨】【佐】【助】【居】【然】【像】【上】【辈】【子】【一】【样】【那】【么】【的】【受】【欢】【迎】,【桃】【花】【运】【依】【旧】【那】【么】【的】【旺】【盛】,【鸣】【人】【在】【那】【个】【时】【候】【是】【不】【可】【能】【把】【香】【菱】【看】【作】【自】【己】【的】【竞】【争】【对】【手】,【而】【不】【过】【仅】【仅】【只】【是】【希】【望】【佐】【助】【能】【够】【在】【有】【那】【么】【多】【女】【孩】【子】【喜】【欢】【他】【的】【情】【况】【下】,【挑】【选】【一】【个】【人】【组】【建】【幸】【福】【美】【满】【的】【家】【庭】【的】。 【在】【后】【来】【自】【己】【和】【佐】【助】【走】【到】【一】【起】【之】